Attention CEOs: What Do You Want Under Your Tree?

Christmas tree

If you ask a group of CEOs what they’d like to see under their company Christmas tree this year, the responses would probably be pretty consistent:  most CEOs want to grow revenue, build market share, improve visibility, and generate more qualified leads.

Most probably have a business plan (based on last year or the year before or the year before that).  Depending on their business model, that might work – or not.  If they do business in a small town where you essentially pass the same $100 bill around from lawyer to banker to baker to pharmacist, then referrals and long-term relationships rule.  A movie like “It’s a Wonderful Life” reminds us of a time when things worked that way.  But for most of us, those days are over.

A more promising plan for today’s world might say that getting the “presents” you want under the tree means paying attention to the things that have radically changed in the last five years – and even in the last year.

In the holiday spirit, we have some recommendations for your next business plan – as symbolized by your holiday tree!  For example:

Hang a BLOG on your Tree to build visibility on Google.  Your email newsletter is great – but Google can’t see it.  A bright, shiny blog reflects many happy returns back to you!

Add a LinkedIn profile to your virtual tree to connect you to others and create another opportunity for you to shine.

A funny little bird ornament representing Twitter will allow you to share your blog posts — just TWEET them!

Consider hanging a Keyword Grader (ask me how!) to assess the power of your web site’s keywords.

A company Facebook page adds yet another way to get noticed – by Google.   Well worth the time it takes to hang this particular ornament.

The bottom line is this:  if you’re not rich yet and your company is not yet doing what you’d like it to do, think about adding some visibility by showing up in the many places that a visitor might look for a business like yours.  Google’s out there looking – but if you’ve failed to recognize the many ways to “ornament” your business, they’ll have a hard time finding you.  And that means some disappointing results under your tree in the new year.


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