When Google Doesn’t Love You Any More

when-Google-doesnt-love-youPeople who call me for marketing help often emphasize that their website is “just fine.”  The site in question may be five years old, look like a brochure, provide no connection to social media, no opportunities for interaction – but it’s just fine.  Google may have given up on it long ago because it’s inactive, has no keywords and gets no traffic.  But the site owner persists in believing that it doesn’t matter.

Usually I hear this from people who are firmly convinced that they do not get business on the Internet.  They get it from their network or an alliance relationship or just word of mouth.  And I’d believe them if it weren’t for the fact that they want to talk to me about growing their business.   Whatever it is they’re doing, it isn’t meeting their growth goals, and yet they are adamant in refusing to put the website in play.

Very often they want a brochure. Or a postcard mailing. Or collateral for a trade show.  Hey, I’m game.  I can do that.  My question is — when someone receives your postcard, attends the trade show or gets their hands on your brochure, where will they go to check you out before making an appointment?

And if they misplace the postcard or the brochure and want to find you, how will they do that?  They may have a recollection that you offer a particular service, so they get online and search for it.  Good news for them – they’ll find lots of people who offer that service.  Bad news for you – you won’t be one of them because your site is DOA.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter where your business comes from.  Your prospects will want to “vet” you and make sure you look like the kind of individual or organization they want to work with.  Guess where they’ll go to find out?

For a complimentary consultation on whether your website is positioned to help you or has joined the great cyber graveyard, call me at +1.813.781.5842 or send an email to your marketing team.


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